​​​If you are a Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) member, you must fill out this form. If this form is not filled out, BCBS will not process any of your claims.  Click the link below to download. 

Whether  you are transferring your care with Dr. Clark or you are going to another physician, we cannot transfer your records without a signed Records Release Form, click the link below to download.

Dr. Sonya M Clark

Patient Forms

In order to expedite your patient visit, we ask you to electronically fill out your patient forms prior to your visit. Once you schedule your appointment you will have access to the link below to fill our your patient forms.  If you need assistance filling these forms out online, please call the office at 864-308-8668 and we can schedule time to assist you in filling out these forms.


​​You will have to sign a consent to be treated.  You can do this electronically when you receive a text or email reminder for your first appointment.  If you cannot sign the consent electronically, then please, click the link below to download.